Capital Abundance and their associated network has broad and extensive expertise of strategy, incubation, turnaround, M&A and hands on management of businesses at both a local and multinational level over the past 20 years.

Mark McClue

Mark is the CEO of Capital Abundance. As a QA lead assessor originally involved in the turnaround of manufacturing companies, Mark’s understanding of UK needs alongside South Africa’s transformation resulted in his heading up strategic M&A briefs for international companies entering Africa. 

To support entrepreneurial development and identify ‘niche’ opportunities Mark formed an incubator called SixteenBoxes and over the last two decades engaged in several game changing projects assisting investors, entrepreneurs and investors with new and existing business development. 

The progression to private equity was a natural step forward and led by a passionate belief in unlocking Africa's potential. 

Julian Munday 

Julian Munday is the COO and has over 20 years of experience in the UK market covering technology, marketing and turnkey property solutions for HNWI and blue chip clients. Through the relationship that goes back over 30 years with Mark, Julian handles liaison and relationships in London and the European market for CA’s African linkages and business opportunities.


Ian Ross 

Known as an “accountant that can see in colour”, yet with a conditioned belief in the black and white need for financial and business order Ian as CFO handles the financial operations of CA and interim executive management roles needed within investment projects.  

As a member of the IIB this provides CA with a global network of diverse professional service to draw upon for the relevant specific expertise needed to drive the job and performance in hand to achieve targets and sustainable business growth.


Legal & Finance Advisory 

CA has embraced the services of a network of legal, financial and business advisers for addressing compliance. The ability to maintain an objective legal and financial based opinion is seen as a valuable and necessary strength within business dealings. 


Total quality and a belief that "people must do, what they do well"

Capital Abundance is strengthened by a belief in outsourcing and forming strategic partnerships within a particular projects need and objectives. This enables an ongoing focus and delivery of results beyond the initial period of hands on involvement and ensures an approach to continuous improvement and total quality.

With an extensive experience and networks base within African markets, particularly those of South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. Please contact us if you would like to be considered for our CAP database and network of associates. Capital Abundance People, Projects, Performance