Capital Abundance is an Independently Owned 
Boutique Private Equity firm 


The word 'Boutique', evokes thoughts of exclusive, service driven, private facilities and this is how Capital Abundance approaches sourcing off market projects and delivering results within direct and private equity investment.

The world is a very large, yet increasingly smaller place, where business is carried out in all areas, at all times and by anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit. Whilst this may be great for the development of markets it can sometimes be a challenge understanding who, what and why people choose to invest?

To the contrary, our focus is to understand investments and projects first hand. We enjoy the challenge of working within developing and emerging markets as they can offer excellent value in the short term and growth in the long. We also like 'event; driven opportunities when proactive investment and implementation means that specific events such as world events or circumstances allow for strategic leveraged returns at a particular time.

With representation in both London and Johannesburg we provide a window into Africa for direct or fund investment and a foundation for development between the Africa and the global commercial markets.


If you would like to discuss how we may be able to assist you or where you can assist us, please the contact form below and we will be glad to get back to you.